Foundation & Eyeshadow Beginners Guide: The Essentials from Lamora Beauty

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An everyday makeup tutorial for our friends who are just starting out, traveling, or just looking to "brush up" on their knowledge!

Learn the basics of how to use the flat kabuki brush for liquid foundation, the round kabuki (or powder brush) for powdered foundation or blush, the blending brush for precision contour and blending, the blush brush (or angled kabuki brush) for contouring with bronzer or adding a pop of color to your cheeks, and the small shader, blending brush, and angled detailer to apply the perfect eyeshadow and eyeliner.

This tutorial features the 6pc Essentials Brush Set from Lamora Beauty.

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Get the Tools!

Featuring every essential foundation and eye brush, this is the perfect set for the beauty newbie or traveling professional. Apply foundation, sculpt and contour your features, and make your eyes POP with brushes made from the highest quality materials, giving you a perfectly flawless and fearless look.

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