How to Contour the RIGHT Way: Back to Basics Tutorial from Lamora Beauty

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Basic Contouring Tutorial with the 5 Most Essential Contour Brushes. Simple, everyday contouring tutorial for beginners with animated images to show you exactly how to get the look you want!

Learn how to use the tapered highlighter, the precision angled contour brush, the flat contour brush, the blush brush, and the fan contour brush to get the perfect contour every time.

This video features the 5pc Contour Brush Set from Lamora Beauty.

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Get the Tools!

Whether you´re looking for a chiseled, runway look or adding a bit more definition to highlight your natural beauty, this set is exactly what you need to create a flawless, fearless look. Each brush with soft, durable bristles, was created and paired to allow even contouring newcomers to mold their facial features professionally.

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