Basics Tutorial: How to Use a 4-Color Highlight Palette the Right Way

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Y'all... makeup is hard. Figuring out how to properly do your makeup can feel like trying to solve a multi-part calculus problem before you've even learned your times tables.

Dear beauty world, some help would be appreciated, please! At Lamora, we feel you. So not only do we create products that are high-quality, affordable, and easy to use... but we spend FOR-EV-ER pouring through all of the information we can get our hands on and consolidating it into simple, easy-to-understand tutorials.

One of our newest products, the Highlighter Palette, is one of our FAVORITE beauty products ever. But it can be a bit confusing to know when, where, why, and how to use what colors. Below is a tutorial based on the best research available, and will walk you through exactly how to apply each color, where to put it, and what brush to apply it with. We hope you enjoy!

Step 1) Prime and Base Makeup

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The first step to create the perfect highlight is to have a solid base. Start by applying a primer and your base foundation using the Lamora Beauty Blender.

You’ll also want to do any dark contouring or apply any bronzer BEFORE you begin to highlight.

We recommend using the Lamora Contour Palette and following the steps in our guide “How to Use a Contour Palette” before beginning the next steps to get the full look!

Step 2) Base Highlight

Next, apply a base highlight using the Royal Golden color. The shimmer will help lift and brighten the overall appearance of your face, and the yellowish hue will help to conceal the purple tones of under-eye circles, bruises, and veins.

Use the tapered highlighter brush from the Lamora 5pc Contour Set to apply the product using light sweeping motions, always starting at the center of your face and working outwards.

Then, using the same brush, blend in the Champagne Flair color to these areas. Depending on your skin tone, you’ll want to play around with the colors to get the perfect look for you.

Step 3) Precise Highlight

Let’s get precise. Grab the Precision Angled Contour brush and the Champaign Flair color you just used to blend.

Apply this light, bright shimmer to the smaller, lighter areas of the face using long sweeps down the nose and below your arches and patting the brush in the corners of the eye and in the cupid’s brow.

Be sure to pull the color up into the forehead to seamlessly blend the highlight colors.

Step 4) Add Color & Finish!

Lastly, let’s add some life to this highlight! Use the Golden Rose color from the Highlight Palette and the Blush Brush from the Contour Set to lightly apply color right on the cheek bones, not below, not above.

Do this using a light, long sweep of the brush along the line between the corner of your eye and the top of your ear, starting at the middle of your eye.

Next, use the fan brush along with the Diamond Dust highlight to sweep a beautiful shimmer right above the cheekbones. This will give your face a flawless finish with a gorgeous glow!

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