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What To Consider When Applying Makeup?

The right makeup tools are necessary if you want to best apply your flawless look makeup. Perfect Makeup Brushes should not just pick up product, but allow to be very precise and accurate with your makeup application and help to perform techniques such as contouring and blending.

If you are a newbie or just a beginner our advice is to buy a complete brush set. This way you will discover the different purposes of each brush. Lamora Beauty provides a brush set that ensures a professional finish and a flawless application, even if you are a beginner.

Upgrading your set of brushes is recommended to advanced users. It usually starts with a high-end makeup brush set or simply supplementing individual brushes in an existing set.

Lamora Beauty offers a brush set that has the perfect balance between buffing and precision brushes. The bristles are synthetic. The brushes are super soft and help to pick up the product incredibly well. You can use the brushes for a variety of products – face powder, foundation, blush, shimmer and bronzer.

The Lamora Brush Set comes with an elegant and fashionable cup holder which is great for storage and travel. The cup holder protects the brushes verry well and makes sure the bristles don´t get damaged.

Make sure you always keep your brushes clean. You don´t want to leave old makeup residue in the brushes. Find some quick tips for cleaning here.

How To Clean Your Lamora Makeup Brushes The Right Way

Your makeup brushes need to stay clean because over time product can build up on your makeup brushes and germs may even be residing in the bristles.
By cleaning them out every week or at least once a month, depending on how frequently you apply your makeup with the brushes, you can avoid dirty brushes.

Here is what you need to keep your makeup brushes clean and residue-free:

Use warm running water, (being careful not to fully immerse the base of the bristles) to get rid of as much product as possible. Try using your fingers to get rid of any bits lodged toward the base of the brush head. Place a pea-sized drop of brush cleanser (or any mild cleanser like baby shampoo) in the palm of your hand. Swirl the bristles in the cleanser in a circular motion until the brush is fully lathered. Rinse the bristles, squeezing from the base to the tips to remove
excess water. Repeat until the water runs clear and all makeup is removed from the brush.
Reshape the bristles to their original form and then use a lint-free cloth to dry each of the brushes, or you can let them air dry and place them on a cloth. You can also gently brush bristles on paper towel to remove buildup.

(Tip: Wash brushes at night so they are dry and ready for use in the morning.)


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